10 Tips for Effective Dealer Website

Want to have the most visited dealer website & to get visibility in your local market? That’s a challenging task. But, of course, achievable. To keep visitors bouncing from your site, see what every successful dealer website should have:

  • 1. Website’s SEO

    Build your dealership’s digital presence with a strong SEO program. The best looking dealer website is of no value unless you are found on the Internet.  Autoxloo believes in a natural, “white-hat” approach to building a dealers online presence that is consistent with the best practices of Google, Bing and other search engines.

  • 2. Original Content

    Dynamically change your content to suit your audience based on their location or the time of the day or week they land on your website. With Autoxloo patented Make-A-Page™ technology you can add, remove and edit pages, promote your sales events and holiday specials with photos, video, slide shows, banners, audio and customized design by modifying everything from fonts, colors, sizes.

  • 3. Responsive Mobile Website

    Make your dealer website mobile-optimized. Reach customers who prefer to browse the Internet with mobile devices. Autoxloo’s customized responsive mobile websites work on all devices and are compatible with all major smartphone platforms and OS.

  • 4. Real-time Analytics

    Study how your customers find your site, what pages they viewed during their visit, which device they are using to view your site and much more. Autoxloo provides dealerships with powerful real-time analytics to strategically adjust PPC campaigns, on site advertising and incentives.

  • 5. Feedback Forms

    Make it easy for customers to contact you with any questions or feedback wit variety of forms. We offer to put numerous forms to suit your dealership needs: test-drive form, credit forms, trade in form, order form, contact us form etc

  • 6. Website Multimedia Tools

    Invite visitors to explore your site with Website Multimedia tools. Autoxloo offers a full range of multimedia functionality: text, graphics, audio, photo images, animation, full motion video, data etc.

  • 7. Convenient Searches

    Let your customers to find what they are looking for by adding search bars. We increase website usability by giving your visitors access to the data they need with our multiple searches.

  • 8. Lead Management

    Centralize the lead capture. With our integration in CRM and Lead distribution set the way how leads are being distributed, managed and how they are being followed up.

  • 9. Social Integration

    Enable your visitors to share what they have found on your site with others through social networking. Autoxloo will manage social account to introduce your dealership to others.

  • 10. Testimonials

    Create testimonials page to advertise and market your dealership. Use our intuitive and user-friendly software to make audio and video testimonials.