Mobile: Touch-Menu-Hover

jQuery Touch-Menu-Hover | li:hover to open on tap/click on mobile platforms

jQuery Touch-Menu-Hover is a jQuery plugin that allows ULs (or any element of your choice) that open on li:hover to open on tap/click on mobile platforms such as iOS, Android, WP7 etc.
WebKit browsers on iOS are the only major mobile browsers that opens child ULs when tapped; every other platform just follows the link. With this plugin, the click/tap event is intercepted allowing the menu to be opened. Tapping the link again will follow it. Depending on the styles applied, tapping anywhere else on the document will try to close the menu.

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Additionally, no mobile browsers natively handle nested lists where the child ULs are wrapped in another element such as a DIV (for “mega menus”), so this plugin handles that, too.

Basic Usage :


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